Jitske Blom (Rotterdam, 1983) graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2008 at the department of Public Space. Since than she worked for different offices and started her own studio. Her installations and designs make us use, hear and see our surroundings in a new way. She likes to create temporary installations and public interventions. In her work as independent curator and organizer she does the same. For Wave of Tomorrow she acts as an experts and scout of fine art and new media, with an emphasis on play, interaction and game design and initiates and organizes events around these topics. For RAK she creates a diverse mixed-media program where visitors experience film and audio-visual arts in an experimental way. She also likes to inspire students in the field of new media, storytelling, design and arts.

Thomas Rutgers (1983) studied music technology on the Utrecht School of the Arts, and completed a master in composition in context. He combines composing with an interest for technology. As a music technologist and sound artist he creates installations and performances. In his performances he often uses live video sampling combined with live music. Making complex techniques and processes visible, that are normally invisible.
At the moment he teaches at the Willem de Kooning Aacedemy in Rotterdam at the interaction station.