A sound-art installation.
In our performance Openbaar Kabaal (‘Public hubbub’) we turn everyday street furniture into sound generators. By attaching remote controlled percussion devices to them, rhythmic improvisations are played on lampposts, traffic signs and litter bins. This public space orchestra gives us a surprising new look at our surroundings by listening to it.
Our newest installation, ‘The Beaters’, also uses the sound of drumming, but this time emphasising the hammer itself. The installation consists of a large sounding box with dozens of beaters attached to it. But there’s more than meets the eye: materiality is disguised, movement manipulated, and even gravity defied, showing us how visual information can make us hear in a different way.
RESONANCE, a European collaboration that focuses on the production, the presentation, the documentation and exchange of experience in the field of contemporary sound art. We are invitedby stichting Intro/In situ in Maastricht to do a project that will be presented in:

ECI – Roermond (nl),
Flanders Festival – Kortrijk(be),
Lydgalleriet – Bergen(no),
Le Bon Accueil – Rennes (fr)

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