foto 5 
A closed path on water, with musicians walking around playing an everlasting song.
For the parade inspired by Jheronimus Bosch
De Bossche Stadspijpers made ​​a significant contribution to the cultural life in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in the provincial capital. The Illustere Lieve Vrouwe Broederschap, where Bosch was a member, hired the town pipers in their celebrations.
The town pipers still exist. Just like the human game, the sins and morals that Bosch in his paintings always depicts and commentary. Lust and last, lies and deceit, everyone fears and desires. Actually, nothing changes. The human civilization as a perpetuum mobile.
The players of the town pipers play their perpetual party in a perpetual trail. Who is on the side, always hear another instrument far or near. And it sounds the same yet always different.
Bosch Parade